About Us

Welcome to Universalwizardsproducts page! We are happy to have you here and we appreciate your business.

Universalwizardsproducts is an ecommerce store with all the latest and greatest products.

Our goal is to provide all the latest and trending products that will be fun and enjoyable to the family.

Our product line categories include:

  • Electronics
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Home & Office
  • Travel & Outdoor 

Our Vision

To be the best online toy electronic, hobby shopping store. 

Our Mission 

We will allow our customers to conveniently access trending quality electronics, mobile accessories, home & office, travel & outdoor products using our beautiful website, and we will deliver their orders, conveniently, to their doors. 

Our Values

We carefully select our products based on value, fun, safety and quality.


We will deal with integrity, honesty and fairness internally, with our customers and with our vendors and suppliers.


We will have the long term good of the environment in our core criteria for our product selection.

Social responsibility

Our business will positively contribute to the communities it interacts with.

We always love to hear from you. Whether it is a question, feedback or even a complaint, we love to get in touch and sort it out for you.