Motion Sensor Light
Motion Sensor Light
Motion Sensor Light
Motion Sensor Light

Motion Sensor Light

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Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light, Stick-anywhere Closet Lights Stair Lights, Safe Lights for Hallway, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.

This revolutionary Motion Sensor Light is not available in any stores!

With Motion Sensor Lights, you can…
Say goodbye to bumping into stuff in the dark.
Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark.
Cheaper to run than ceiling lights.

Motion Sensor Lights act like little “guardians”, provide automated, hands-free way to protect your homes indoors and outdoors. Light up your bedroom, stairs, hallway, closet, or entryway to your home where the light switch is just too far from the door. Don't leave lights on needlessly running up the electric bill.

With easy installation,it mounts in seconds.

No hammers, drills, or tools required. Simply use the double-sided adhesive pads or stick to any metal surface with the built-in magnet.

Brightness with 6 long lasting High-Quality LEDs!

Simple installation: The built-in magnet holds on every metal surface. The new 3M™ sticky pad holds stronger and longer on nearly every surface without leaving any marks.
1.5v, 0.3w
Sensitivity: 3 meter Distance
Sensor Range: 120 degrees
Operating temp: -20°C-40°C
LED Qty: 6 LED
Light color: Pure White
LED life: 50,000 hours or more
Mounting: Tape or Magnet
Product Diameter: 3.15 in
Thickness: 0.87 in

Package includes:
Motion Sensor LED Night Light
3M double-sided adhesive pads
User Manual